About Me

With over 19 years administration experience and now leading MG Virtual Office Solutions, Margie recognized an administrative need in growing businesses and more particularly she understands their need for quality service that is cost competitive. Profile Pic

Born in San Diego, California, Margie has lived in Oregon for over 30 years. Margie has a long history of public service, management and executive assistance to draw on to provide outstanding service to her clients.

MG Virtual Office Solutions provides international virtual assistance (VA) to small to medium sized businesses. Her administrative expertise, coupled with her background in development, has allowed her to excel in the VA industry.

The business is a platform for creating employment for stay at home moms, and other administrative experts looking for a lifestyle change.

What keeps her customers coming back for more? Margie prides herself on the fact that she has knowledge and expertise that can only be developed through years of exposure within her industry.

Her ability to:

  • meet deadlines

  • communicate openly and honestly, and

  • her drive to ensure she meets her customers’ expectations every time

makes Margie and MG Virtual Office Solutions leaders in their field.

Margie’s sense of responsibility, her trustworthiness and her professionalism are traits her customers have come to value highly. Often customer relationships are without face to face communication so to be a leader in the VA industry Margie has had to ensure her communication skills are perfect – in every way.

What sets MG Virtual Office Solutions apart from the others? Margie expects nothing less than professionalism in all aspects of her work. Professionalism is prevalent throughout the customer experience, from the initial customer relations to the documents and final products themselves.

MG Virtual Office Solutions continuously strives to improve. Margie has a vast software application experience base. And still Margie takes the time to learn more.  Margie values knowledge currency for her clients.

In addition to her family responsibilities and managing her business, Margie has volunteered with anti-drug organizations, teen parent mentoring programs and homeless shelters. When not working, spending time with her family or volunteering, you are likely to find Margie camping, reading romance novels, crocheting, taking road trips or flying to her favorite travel destinations.